What is ‘Vision SEPWA’?

Vision SEPWA is focused on a profitable and sustainable grains industry in the
Esperance Port Zone.

Goal One

To ensure the delivery of a complete package of research, development and extension each year.

S1: Ensure RD&E happens in the ESPERANCE PORT ZONE

A1 Identify local limitations to yield potential.

A2 Integrate technology and decision support tools.

S2: Ensure RD&E is relevant

A1 Identify the agronomic issues that need to be addressed through trials.

A2 Engage with progressive, respected and leading farmers. 

S3: Engage with as many growers as possible

A1 Maintain and improve the SEPWA website and Newsletter.

A2 Utilise social media for linkages to articles and sites.

A3 Encourage the use of social media by members and monitor member interest.

Goal Two

To increase the profitability of the EPZ grains industry through influence and lobby.

S1: Maintain and build post farm gate relationships and influence

A1 Maintain connection with the broader grain marketing community.

A2 Maintain connections with grain end users.

A3 Maintain the CBH relationship.

A4 Keep up to date with Government regulation, lobby and keep members informed.

A5 Keep up to date and lobby on pesticides that impact EPZ grain markets.

A6 Encourage industry participation on Boards and Committees.

A7 Maintain knowledge and lobby for different segregations or specifications to maximise value.

S2: Maintain and build pre farm gate influence

A1 Target correct breeding programs for grains for the EPZ.

A2 Engage and influence funding streams.

A3 Keep up to date and update members regarding planned change to Government regulations.

A4 Engage and influence DPIRD to support SEPWA and the EPZ R&D effort.

Goal Three

To professionally manage the business of SEPWA on an ongoing basis.

S1: Maintain the strength of our membership

A1 Identify and meet member needs.

A2 Respect and acknowledge our past / life members.

A3 Attract the next generation to roles of leadership.

A4 Maintain the professional development of staff and the Executive.

S2: Maintain viability and sustainability

A1 Continue to deliver projects relevant to members and the EPZ.

A2 Manage sponsorship levels to meet budget needs.

A3 Ensure sound financial management.

A4 Be open to new/innovative income streams.

A5 Maintain sound corporate governance.