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Who we are

Established in 1993, the South East Premium Wheatgrowers Associsation is a not-for-profit, grower-led group located in the south east of Western Australia.

SEPWA has established a strong reputation as a well-established grower group committed to improving the profitability and sustainability of grain growers in the Esperance Port Zone.

SEPWA is funded through grower memberships and corporate sponsorship, with the group undertaking trials and projects that aim to assist growers in the production of premium quality grain, as well as barley, canola and legumes – with an overall objective to improve market position.

Sponsors are an integral part of ensuring the longevity and relevance of SEPWA’s operations. Becoming a sponsor gives organisations a direct link to farmers working in the industry, increasing their local reach and profile.

SEPWA is one of the largest grower groups within WA and has an active membership of 400+ members and associate members, including some of the most progressive growers in the Esperance Port Zone.

SEPWA aims to focus on a profitable and sustainable grains industry in the Esperance Ports Zone, and its strategic plan reflects this vision.


Current Trials & Projects

SEPWA continually undertakes a diverse and extensive range of trials and projects with a vision to assist growers in the Esperance Port Zone produce premium quality grain, barley, canola and legumes.

Over the years, our projects have broadened to focus on the bigger picture of agricultural production in the South East.

 SEPWA is funded through grower memberships and corporate sponsorship. Join us.


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